Aug 12 2007

Fong Kee Restaurant At North Bridge Road


Before I start, you’ll have to pardon me for the very slip-shot photos for this post. If memory serves me right, we were actually rushing to catch the fireworks that night, so it was kinda like a shoot, eat, go, scenario.

Fong Kee has amazingly been around in Singapore since 1948. According to grand dad, the original location was in People’s Park, of which one of its outlet still remains there as of today. However the main outlet should be the one at North Bridge Road (used to be located at Maxwell Food Alley).

In short, Fong Kee specialises in 3 main dishes, namely: Dumplings, Buns, and Noodles.

Fried Dumpings (Guo Tie)

Fried Dumplings, or loosely translated as Pot Stickers (锅贴)

Dumplings are generally served in two styles, either steamed or fried. The ones we had that day was the pan-fried version, where the dumpling skin was a little crispy. The generous fillings contained mainly minced meat, and some diced up spring onions. Continue reading