Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant At Shaw Tower


Looking for an authentic yet affordable Turkish place to dine, well Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant is probably the place. The restaurant is actually tucked away in a quiet corner of Shaw Tower (Beach Road), and ironically its actually more visible from the outside, if you’re driving past, as there’s a huge neon sign hanging on their window.

I can’t remember how we actually stumbled on this place, definitely wasn’t on our original itinerary. Upon stepping in, you’ll notice that most of the waiters aren’t local. Possibly Turkish.  The place is dimly lit, giving a warm cosy feeling to diners.  I’d recommend you try to take the window seat. Though its only on the 2nd story, but you overlook the entire Bugis Street, which I must say is quite stunning at night.

Back to the main topic, FOOD!

For starters we had a Lentil Soup, and Sofra Mocktail.

Lentil Soup & Sofra Mocktail

Lentil Soup & Sofra Mocktail

I didn’t exceptionally liked the soup, as its made from grinded beans. If you’ve been reading this, you’ll know that I’m more of a “creamy” person :o ) Basically the soup tasted a little grainy with some herbs inside. I think the soup base is probably chicken stock though.

By the way, the soup comes with a generous slice of Pita Bread, but don’t expect it to be oven-baked hot, nor sparsely soft.

Mocktail was quite refreshing. There were some fruits inside, and jelly (agar-agar) as well. The main ingredients was probably some lime juice, and orange flavouring. Its more sweet than sour, but definitely refreshing.

For main course, we tried Chef’s Plate. Basically it consists of Doner Kebap, Izgara Kofte, and and s skewer of Shish Kebap. Ok, for those of you who are baffled with the “cheem” Turkish terms, its simply a meat sampling platter.

Chef's Platter - Kebap, Kebap, and more Shish Kebap!

Chef's Platter - Kebap, Kebap, and more Shish Kebap!

To me, I thought it was pretty authentic, but don’t expect this to be a fine dining dish. The meat is a little dry, but seasoned with lots of spices and herbs. The eggplant in the middle of the skewer was quite nice, but again the bread is too dry and tough to my liking. If you’re a meat eater, then I think this dish is worth a try!

To sum everything up, don’t expect exquisite food served before you, but for the kind of pricing (about below $20 per pax), the kind of ambiance, and authentic Turkish dishes, I think its very much worth a try. By the way if you happen to pop by, you may want to go up to the 11th Floor (i think) of the carpark. There’s a magnificent view of Singapore’s skyline from there.

Night scene from Shaw Tower's carpark

Night scene from Shaw Tower's carpark

Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurantsofra
100 Beach Road #02-42/43/44
Shaw Tower
Shaw Leisure Gallery
Singapore 189702

Did you know Kebab was originally as an Arabic word that meant fried meat? However modern day Kebab are grilled and not fried.

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