Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar At Raffles City


I’ve long heard about Shokudo Japanese Food Bazzar (or more commonly known as “Japanese Marche”), and the modern Japanese food that’s being served. Basically every customer will be given a card which is being scanned each time an order is being placed. If you’ve been to Marche, you’ll probably know what I mean.

We got to Shokudo pretty late on a weekday so it was just a tad crowded. After we got ourselves a table, I immediately started to “recce” the place, with the help of the inbuilt GPS system (i.e. my nose). Think I was probably hungry, or the variety and aroma just excited every single muscle in me.

Here’s what we had:

Mushroom Cheese Omelette (with cross section)

Mushroom Cheese Omelette

This is my first time trying it, and I thought its pretty yummy. The egg wrap was very soft and moist, but firm enough such that it didn’t fall apart when lifted up. There were some mushrooms and bacon within the omelette, which made it even more mouth watering, but also more sinful!

EbiBacon Wasabi Pizza

EbiBacon Wasabi Pizza

Another one of my favourites that night. The crust was really really thin and light. Crispy too. The toppings were some shrimps, and bacon, with a light yet distinct taste of wasabi. I think the wasabi made the pizza actually more appetizing. Point to note though, was that the shrimps were probably soaked in soda water, hence giving it the translucent crunchy texture.

Grilled Bacon and Oyster On Skewer

Bacon and Oyster

We had some bacon with oyster on skewer. I’m not a big fan of either, but the sticks being grilled looked very tempting when I walked past. Nothing impressive I’d say, probably a tad too oily as well.

The other item from the same stall was the Yaki Onigri (i.e. grilled rice). I remember eating this while growing up, and I haven’t tried one since I moved out of my neighbourhood many years back. To my knowledge, the grilled rice should be layered with a piece of mint leaves on both sides before grilling. Hence it will allow the flavour to soak in during the BBQ process.

Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Rice)

Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Rice)

This version at Shokudo didn’t have that. I think the rice probably had some vinegar and seaweed mixed within, while the outer layer was pretty crispy. Ideally I’d say one Onigri to three persons, otherwise it may get too filling.

Yaki Gyoza (Pot Stickers)

Yaki Gyoza (Pot Stickers)

Next up was a plate of Gyoza (Japanese Pot Stickers). I wouldn’t say it was superb, neither was it bad. But ultimately it had the requirements of a fried dumpling (crispy skin, bit of soup in the filling).

Stir Fried Assorted Mushrooms

Stir Fried Assorted Mushrooms

Finally we had the stir-fried assorted mushrooms, tepanyaki style with lotsa garlic. Again though I’m a mushroom lover, but I thought this was easily forgetable. But nevertheless still pretty decent.

I think the omelette and the pizza was really good. Hence bringing up the expectations of the other items we ordered. Nevertheless, its a Marche style dining where you probably don’t get 5-star chefs. If you’re going out in a big group, and you like to order a variety of food, then do give Shokudu Japanese Food Bazzar a try.

Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar @ Raffles City
Raffles City Shopping Center
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-44E
Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6837 3793

“Japanese say Americans are lazy. HA!! At least we cook our fish !”

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