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If memory serves me right, I remembered it was a terribly long day when we went down to the Hong Kong Cafe. The place was terribly crowded even though it was coming to 9pm. Luckily we did manage to get a seat.

To what I know, I heard this is the original Hong Kong Cafe in Singapore. The numero uno, the first one. No exact fact, but maybe someone could confirm this. Anyway though I stay nearby, didn’t really get a chance to step in till that day. Besides, I was never a big fan of these Hong Kong Cafe craze.. Just like how bubble tea was popping out all over Singapore back then.

Located along east coast road, just opposite the Caltex petrol station, parking lots are quite limited. Just some parallel parking by the road-side. However if you are going by bus, there’s a bus-stop conveniently located just outside. Luckily for some peculiar reason, I didn’t drive that day.

Stepping in, the place is quite brightly lit. As mentioned its very packed during meal times so be prepared to queue. If I’m not wrong, there’s also a huge crowd who goes there for supper since it opens till the wee hours in the morning. Tables are spaced quite close to each other, with a few LCD TVs hanging around. Oh ye, I remembered Man Utd was against Bolton that day, and during the meal, Man Utd scored 3 goals in a row! Glory Red Devils! keke..

We were quite hungry hence though only 2 of us, we still ordered quite a fair bit. Then again, maybe its only me being the hungry one. Anyway service was alright, since it was packed, I guess its still nothing to complain about. Our orders and food came out ok, waiting time not too long, but took awhile to get the waiter’s attention at times.

Clockwise from Top: Siew Mai, Deep Fried Silverfish, Guo Tie (Pan Fried Dumplings), Beancurd Skin with Seafood, Dancing Chickens

Clockwise from Top: Siew Mai, Deep Fried Silverfish, Guo Tie (Pan Fried Dumplings), Beancurd Skin with Seafood, Pork Rib Chicken

Firstly the Shao Mai was very normal. Nothing special. Tasted a little like those frozen ones, but slightly bigger in size. The pan-fried dumplings, (Guo Tie) was decent. Skin quite crispy and the meat fillings inside was moist. However don’t expect those Ding Tai Feng quality dumplings, where you bite one mouth and the soup oozes out. This one doesn’t. Next was fried beancurd skin wrapped with prawn fillings. Tasted like normal dim sum kind. Again quite normal.

We also ordered a plate of fried white fish with salt and pepper. The white fish is those kind like ikan bilis, small puny fish. For me, I like fried food, and especially those jiao yan type (i.e. fried with salt and pepper) so I quite fancied this dish. But I think can get it as good elsewhere.

Finally the last dish we had was this chicken. I can’t remember the name, but its something interesting. Think it was dancing chicken. Basically the drumlets were de-boned or ratherthe meat was pushed way up to the tip of the bone. I think it was called pork-rib chicken (pai gu ji) or something. Anyway the chicken tasted quite dry and the dipping sauce was kinda sweet. I think we had more fun trying to make the chicken pieces stand up for a nice shot, rather than munching them in the mouth.. hahaha…

Pork Ribs Chicken

Pork Ribs Chicken

Pricing was quite ok. About 15 bucks per person inclusive of drinks. We paid slightly more about $50 for 2 person, probably because of the variety we ordered. But assuming each person orders one main course and a drink, should not exceed 15 bucks, which I think is quite reasonable.

For a quick bite with a HUGE variety to choose from in the menu, you may want to try out the place. Other than that, food connoisseurs may want to give this a miss…Hong Kong Cafe

378/380 East Coast Road
(Opposite Caltex Petrol Station)

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