May 20 2007

Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant At Shaw Tower


Looking for an authentic yet affordable Turkish place to dine, well Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant is probably the place. The restaurant is actually tucked away in a quiet corner of Shaw Tower (Beach Road), and ironically its actually more visible from the outside, if you’re driving past, as there’s a huge neon sign hanging on their window.

I can’t remember how we actually stumbled on this place, definitely wasn’t on our original itinerary. Upon stepping in, you’ll notice that most of the waiters aren’t local. Possibly Turkish.  The place is dimly lit, giving a warm cosy feeling to diners.  I’d recommend you try to take the window seat. Though its only on the 2nd story, but you overlook the entire Bugis Street, which I must say is quite stunning at night. Continue reading