Nov 15 2009

Modesto’s At Vivocity


We were supposed to catch the movie 2010, but realised tickets were sold out when we reached. Hence my friend suggested Modesto’s for dinner instead. (coincidentally a pre-b’day dinner as well) Good thing we actually missed the movie, otherwise I’d probably missed out on some mouth watering tiramisu.

A little bit of history, Modesto’s has been around in Singapore for more than a decade. Of which I think the flagship outlet was at Orchard Parade Hotel. The Italian restaurant chain was founded by an Italian chef, Modesto Marini, and till date has expanded to 3 outlets in Singapore, as well as Malaysia and Indonesia. Continue reading

Oct 31 2009

The Coffee Connoisseur At Changi Airport Terminal 3


I have always thought of the airport, as a quiet yet emotional place. Departure halls are where you’ll get to see the teary farewell hugs, while arrival halls would be filled with warm welcoming smiles and handshakes. Viewing gallery is where you’ll sometimes find the “lovebirds” and fast food joints would usually be cramped with students quietly mugging for their exams.

Well, or so it seems. Continue reading

Aug 29 2009

La Cantina At Changi Village


Tucked away in the seclusion of Changi Village, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is where you can find La Catina, one of the finer Italian restaurants in Singapore.

It all started with me emailing Camemberu for some suggestions on a place to celebrate a friend’s Bday, and then it was narrowed down to La Cantina, which I thought was an excellent choice in the end.

Located on the top floor of Changi Village Hotel (previously known as Le Meridien Changi), customers will get an unparalleled sea view with ships docking in the horizons. Every few minutes you’ll see planes taking off and landing. Best part is you can’t hear the noise from inside of the restaurant. Continue reading