Sep 9 2007

Terra Cafe At Vivocity


After a long hot day under the scorching sun at the Singapore River (Duck Race day) we ended up at Vivocity,  supposedly to catch a movie, but decided to head in for a quick bite instead.

Gigantic rubber duck along Singapore River

Gigantic rubber ducky along Singapore River

Located just outside the GV cinema entrance was Terra Cafe. It isn’t the appealing kind to me on first look, but I was desperate to find a place sit down, and chill from the extensive heat earlier. Continue reading

Mar 17 2007

Hong Kong Cafe At East Coast Road


If memory serves me right, I remembered it was a terribly long day when we went down to the Hong Kong Cafe. The place was terribly crowded even though it was coming to 9pm. Luckily we did manage to get a seat.

To what I know, I heard this is the original Hong Kong Cafe in Singapore. The numero uno, the first one. No exact fact, but maybe someone could confirm this. Anyway though I stay nearby, didn’t really get a chance to step in till that day. Besides, I was never a big fan of these Hong Kong Cafe craze.. Just like how bubble tea was popping out all over Singapore back then. Continue reading