Are You A Coffee Addict?


I’m sure anyone reading this would have at least stepped into Starbucks / Coffee Bean / Spinelli’s a few times in your life. And there would be some of us (me inclusive) who is just a plain ole coffee addict. I for one cannot live without constant “caffeine injection” into my bloodstream. Whether its Caffè Latte, Caffè Macchiato, Espresso, or the local Kopi O (Gao), I can’t abstain from it for more than 24hrs.

So are you the same? How addicted to coffee are you? Well here’s a few phases of becoming a coffee addict. (pictures courtesy of The Oatmeal

Feeling grouchy from everyday life

You first contact with caffeine...

Then... everything just seems so right...

Side effects starts happening

Caffeine overdose

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