A very simple guy who isn’t picky and eats almost everything, and anything but still appreciate good food if chanced upon.

Sashimi lover, and thinks otoro (tuna belly) is simply the best thing anyone can lay their mouth upon. Other likes include good cuts of kobe or wagyu beef.

This food blog is inspired by a good friend who made me realise a meal isn’t just about “eat-and-go”, but sitting down enjoying quality time over a nice meal with good company is a true enjoyment in life.

The blog is also dedicated my late grand-father who taught me so much about food appreciation. From kobe beef to exotic seafoods, and 70 year old chinese tea. A skill-set that I’ll carry with me throughout my life-long journey.

By the way, I’ve added a personal touch at the end of every post. Something to tease your mind a lil…