Mar 12 2010

Basic Types of Beef


Feb 22 2010

Tip Only If You’re Happy


Just came across an article on ST Online, which talks about replacing the 10% service charge at restaurants with tips.

I thought its actually quite a good initiative it its carried out. From the restaurant’s point of view, it will encourage the staff to emphasize more on the service, rather than just assuming that the 10% service charge is automatically there.

To the diner, I think its also fair that good service should relate to a tip. Maybe if I’m very happy with the staff throughout my dinner, I may even reward the waiter / waitress with a tip amounting to more than 10% of the meal.

Moreover,  some restaurants take into account the 10% service charge, even though they only offers self-service where the patrons have to collect the food themselves. Quite un-fair huh?

Ultimately though it has to depend on the culture of the people. Singapore for instance doesn’t really practice tipping, so this idea may not exactly work out.

Would you tip (or tip more than 10% of your total bill), if you are very satisfied with the service?

Jan 20 2010

Are You A Coffee Addict?


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